Friday, January 06, 2006


Saw Dusty tonight, the musical about dusty spingfield. It was only the first preview, so I will forgive the mistakes and the unpolished-ness: It was rather good, the set was well designed, they could all sing reasonably well, was not too impressed with the lead though, the second half was better than the first.

On the way home, on the train, something disturbing happened. This young, 15, maybe 16 year old guy, or was it a girl gets on and i hear spray cans moving in a bag, he shouts, as far as i can see, to everyone, asking what train he is on

I tell him, frankston, turning back to my book.

“You got a problem, tell me to my face,” he mutters,

I ignore him, as is the best way to deal with the phycopaths that one often meets on Melbourne trains, if not all metropolitan trains around the world.

I then hear spraying, and look up to spy his reflection. Ill go crazy if he sprays my hair, nothing. No solvent smell, nothing.

I get up,

“Your Station?” he again mutters, “yep,” i say, trying to glance as nonchalantly as possible for traces of paint around him.

As I near the door, he says “You got a problem?” turning around I say what. He gestures to an inflated plastic bag, full of solvent and paint, “You got a problem with me doing this?”

“No,” I laugh, walking away thinking about the fact that in order for him to do this in the first place he must be pretty damn stupid and imagining how thick he will be after headfuls of solvent for another year.

He puts the end of the bad into his mouth and sucks in.

Three things disturb me about this.

1) If other people can maintain decent drug habits, why can he? I have a feeling that even crack is better for you than spray paint

2) Surely inhaling through the nose gives a better hit.

3) Why did he have to choose silver spray paint? Why not a clear, varnishing coat, something that means he wont be coughing up human equivelant of those silvery balls that mum used to put on cakes.

Monday, December 26, 2005


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Saturday, December 17, 2005


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Here i am at the laundry. Again. The novelty of a tumble drier to me is scary- this is a different laundry- one that actually has staff. I think the brick arch adds a tratoria type quality to the whole experience!

Friday, December 16, 2005

queuing for cat empire

queuing for cat empire
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Man we bought tickets months ago and still have to queue

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


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Rob is mobile!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thus concludes my christmas holiday. I am sitting on the plane while writing this, coming back from cairns, well, mission beach in far north queensland. I spent 5 days there; surprising my mum who arrived ½ an hour before me sun, beach and pool. I am two shades darker and have shed my winter colour.

I am going to home to non-stop work. I believe i will spend the next few days at work packing envelopes during the night shift, not bad because i will be cabbed from the city to port melbourne and back, but still dull, repetative tasks bore me.

Lots of running about socially the next few weeks, a few friends back from travels and I have decided to go to one of the most imfamous thursday nights in Melbourne.

Schnitzel and tits nights (sounds far better as Schnitz and Tits night) are evenings at a certain hotel in St. Kilda, melbournes beach area, where you pay $15.50 for a schnitzel and it gets served to you by a nude waitress. It was suggested, among friends by emily, who thought it might be a good office outing. Of course, it is my obligation to recconoitre the evening. Should be an interesting night outing, full details posted here next friday.

It is bloody hot on this plane, and i still have 1 hour and 40 mins to go. How dull.